e-Portfolios for adult ESL learners in AMES - 2010 Elearning Innovations Project

This blog is about our project which is piloting the use of e-Portfolios by adult CALD learners delivered in face-to-face and distance learning settings in AMES.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Project Description

Learners' involvement

Each student will receive an individual e-portfolio account and they will be expected to complete tasks that will be part of the assessment process for Modules of the Certificate in Spoken and Written English I and III. Some of the tasks will be record of their learning activities as evidence for module CSWE IA Beginner Learning Strategies and module CSWE IIIA Intermediate Learning Strategies.
The CSWE III students will also be creating a cover letter and resume on Mahara. Students will have access to Flip videos and digital recorders and they will be trained to use them and to upload videos and digital sound files as part of the assessment process.

How will learners be empowered through this activity?
The focus for both groups of learners is English language development. However the CSWE III classes have an employment focus ie preparation of a resume, preparing for a job interview etc.
By participating in this project the students will be able to use video and digital audio recorders to evaluate their own learning and language acquisition as well as use it as evidence of their skills for assessment purposes.

The learners participating in this project will develop a better understanding of the benefits of eportfolios and will also improve their employability skills. All of this will occur in the context of completing assessment task for their course.

Finally they will have started an individual e-portfolio which they will be able to use after they finish their course in AMES.
An e-portfolio will enable learners to have a personalised digital space to collect evidence and documentation of the skills that they will need for employment and further study in the future. They will also improve their ICT skills thus enhancing their employability skills and preparing them for further study, possibly online.

E-learning tools List
the key e-learning technologies we plan to use)

  • Mahara (e-portofilio application)
  • wikispaces (wiki)
  • Flip video camera for learner generated digital videos
  • mp3 player/digital recorder for learner generated audio files
  • SKYPE (with Distance Learning learners)
  • Snagit and camtasia (screen capture software)
  • Elluminate (web conferencing)

How will we assess learners?

The materials that the learners will upload to the e-portfolio will become part of the assessment for the selected modules. Learners’ updating of the Independent Learning Plan (ILP) stored on the e-portfolio will form a major part in assessing CSWE I Module A: Beginner Learner strategies and CSWE III Module A: Intermediate learning strategies

Other possible modules that could be assessed with CSWE I learners are:
Module I: Beginner listening and reading skills for instruction
Module J2: Tell a short recount (via a video with flip camera OR recording on MP3 that is uploaded onto the e-portfolio)

Other possible modules that could be assessed with CSWE III learners are:
Module Q: Intermediate writing skills for job seeking documents (Learners write cover letter and resume using Mahara template)
Module D : Intermediate listening and speaking skills for interviews (Learners upload video or sound file of interview)
Module E: Intermediate listening and speaking skills for presenting information (Learners upload video or sound file of presentations on to e-portfolio).